Beef Stroganoff

How to prepare

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300 g – 350 g

Beef eye fillet (tail end) slice into strips

60 g

Red or green capsicum

20 g

Dill cucumbers sliced

20 g

Salt, pepper and hot chilli powder to taste

1 tbsp/30ml


2 tbsp/60ml


1 tsp

Vegetable oil

60 g

Onions sliced

60 g

Mushrooms sliced

1 bunch


1 tsp


2 tbsp/60ml

White wine

2 tbsp/60ml

Tomato Coulis (if not available tomato juice)

30 g



  • Season meat with salt, pepper and paprika
  • Heat a frying pan, or wok if you have one, until very hot, then add oil
  • Add meat and move quickly around with a spoon/spatula until seared
  • Once the meat is seared but still rare add brandy
  • Remove the meat from the pan and keep warm
  • Add butter to the pan over medium heat
  • Toss onion and capsicum until tender
  • Add mushrooms and dill cucumbers
  • Add white wine, cream and tomato coulis, cook for 2 minutes
  • Add some salt, black pepper and hot chilli to taste
  • Add meat and cook for 1 minute
  • Serve with pasta or rice

Stephan Muller owner of the Wursthutte since 2013.

Old Werner Muller started the Wursthutte Butcher Shop in Malvern more than 35 years ago. Werner's goal was to produce the most authentic sausages for his Australian customers. 13 years ago, Stephan Muller, Werner’s nephew, arrived from Luzern Switzerland to help out his uncle and learn from him. Stephan, a sixth generation Butcher, then became the owner of the Wursthutte and continues the family legacy today in a very competitive market.

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