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Fleischwurst (meat sausage) is a type of Bruhwurst also known as Lyoner Wurst, thanks to its origins in Lyon, France. Around the rest of the world, however, it’s better known as a garlicky bologna. Fleischwurst is a very popular snack at German markets and thanks to its mild, lightly-smoked flavour, it’s also a big hit with children, who are usually offered a chunk on a trip to the butcher.

They are very dense, firm sausages that come in large, horseshoe-shaped rings, the ends knotted together with string. Made from cured pork, bacon and sometimes beef, they’re flavoured gently with garlic and a mix of spices such as white pepper, cardamom, coriander, ginger, nutmeg and turmeric and held together in sausage form using casings. They are then scalded, hot-smoked and formed into rings.

When preparing Fleischwurst at home, heat it through in hot water, being very careful not to boil it, or serve it cold, but either way, remove the skin before you eat it: slit it lengthways with a sharp knife and it should peel away easily. Eat your Fleischwurst with dark bread and mustard as part of a traditional German evening meal or add chunks to a bowl of broth or pasta salad.


  • Warmed up and stuffed inside a crusty white roll and serving with a generous smear of mustard.
  • Served warm with boiled potatoes
  • Sliced into long matchsticks and mixed with some or all of the following: chopped gherkins, raw sliced onion, strips of cheese, sliced boiled egg and/or chives, and dressed with mayonnaise or oil and vinegar.





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